Class JilterProcessor

  extended by com.sendmail.jilter.JilterProcessor

public class JilterProcessor
extends Object

The guts of handling the filter side of the Milter protocol. If you have your own way that you like to handle communicating with the MTA side of the Milter protocol, you can feed an instance of this class the bytes from the MTA, and it will handle calling methods in a JilterHandler, as well as sending data back to the MTA via an arbitrary WritableByteChannel.

Constructor Summary
JilterProcessor(JilterHandler handler)
          Public constructor.
Method Summary
 void close()
          Closes this processor.
 boolean process(WritableByteChannel writeChannel, ByteBuffer dataBuffer)
          Process more data from the MTA.
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Constructor Detail


public JilterProcessor(JilterHandler handler)
Public constructor.

handler - the underlying handler that will receive calls based on the Milter conversation.
Method Detail


public boolean process(WritableByteChannel writeChannel,
                       ByteBuffer dataBuffer)
                throws IOException
Process more data from the MTA.

writeChannel - the data channel for communicating back to the MTA.
dataBuffer - the next chunk of data from the MTA.
false if processing is completed.


public void close()
Closes this processor. Will do the right thing to communicate to the underlying handler that processing is completed.

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